Gate Device

Can you tell me more about the Gate video lock?

The Gate video lock replaces your existing deadbolt lock on your door, and in addition to being a regular tumbler key lock, it also provides:

  1. a digital keypad for entry
  2. real-time video plus two-way audio to communicate with the person at your door
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity so you can remotely provide access to verified personnel

Can I still use keys?

Absolutely! Our device allows you to use both your mobile phone and your keys to lock and unlock your door.

How does it look and work from inside?

The Gate lock can be turned manually from the inside just like a regular deadbolt lock.

Gate Service

What is the Gate service?

Gate provides verified access to your home through your mobile phone. The Gate video lock lets you see who is at your door through a live video stream, verifies the appointment and the delivery person / home services professional, and allows you to remotely unlock the door for them with your mobile phone.

How does the verification work?

Our partners’ services are pre-set to work with the Gate lock. The Gate lock will only start recording video after a partner presses a code at your door. We perform the verification and check the appointment through our proprietary software. Video recordings of all transactions will be made available to customers.

Do I always have to be available to open the door for deliveries and home services?

You are also able to select a fully automated delivery or home access option. Gate will work with the partner to verify your delivery or home services appointment, and you will receive notifications and recorded videos upon completion.

Can I use Gate to receive packages and other deliveries into my home?

Yes, Gate enables you to see who is at your front door and remotely unlock your door through your mobile phone for whomever you choose. However, only our partners' delivery persons and orders will be verified by Gate.


How does the installation work?

You can install Gate on any standard deadbolt with only two screws.

On what types of doors can I install a Gate lock?

The Gate video lock can be installed on your front door, side door, back door, garage side door - any door that uses a standard deadbolt lock. It can even be installed on some metal gates.

I'm interested in trying Gate but I have a metal gate in front of my wooden front door. What are my options?

Gate can be installed on some metal gates but is not compatible with most of them. If your metal gate is not compatible, we can install the Gate device on your front door. Our partners frequently deliver to homes with metal gates and are open to discussing workarounds ahead of time.