Always Know Who's At Your Door

Protect your home and family with video monitoring, two-way Intercom and trusted access for guests

Free shipping | 30 day money-back guarantee

Free Shipping | 30 day money-back guarantee

Your kids will never get locked out again.

Protect your deliveries from weather and wandering package snatchers.

Welcome your guest securely, on time and with ease.

Say goodbye to missed service appointments.

Gate ships on a demo block. Before changing anything on the door, connect Gate to Wi-Fi using the Gate App to ensure your satisfaction with the way it works.
30-day Money Back Guarantee

Gate works on standard deadbolt locks. Combination locks require a separate handle. Mortise locks are not compatible with Gate.

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Install Gate in minutes!

Designed to do it yourself. Only needs a phillips-head screwdriver. Included in the box. Follow app instructions.